Charmed it is, to be 2017, though not all feel the same way, and that is understandable. Wiki-wise, I have many large prospects and 'plans' upcoming. Unfortunately January is usually a dead month, so bad for both me and the beginning of L3 (if so this time).

Since Alissa and Vegeta have taken creative direction of L3, I will assume primary direction of L2 (as I'll join L3 in a couple months). For the past few years/months, I have done multitudes of research and study into different histories, literature, science etc., which has prepared me for much more mature and well-developed arcs and stories. Now it is down to only a small handful of majors, here are mine:

Underking (needs finished as soon as possible, but not rushed) -> The Awakening movie -> Proposed saga (arc trilogy) -> Arc to End All Arcs (may or may not be a metaphor, or merged with trilogy)

However, I need several RPers and consistent cooperation in order to correctly and efficiently do the arcs (which can be a trouble). To combat this, I am creating a new cross of RP and fanfiction, known as role-fiction. They will have large parts of written story but main events guided by RPing. It can work.

Since RP is much more serious, I created the wiki RP Board to update the whole wiki with major events, and remind everyone when they may be going on so they may join/contribute.

Remember my forum, explaining the new page titles now that there are 2 separate RPverses.

Happy New Year 7,543,201,009.

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