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Roughly fifteen thousand years ago, the first civilization emerged. Surrounded on all sides by natural barriers, coupled with many natural resources, the great civilization now known as Eden rose. Isolated from the world around them, they focused inward - constructing a great city and culture in a fertile land now considered sacred to nearly all cultures, out of respect for the fallen.

Unable to expand, but protected from their neighbors, Eden's primitive technology led to a focus on spiritual pursuits rather than the scientific. Their culture was centered around achieving perfection of the self - to look inward and better oneself until one became divine. These pursuits led to the first evidence of Sparks - the power and Light of the soul manifest in the physical world.

With the discovery of Sparks, believed to be proof of the soul, technological progress slowed immensely - but spiritual progress advanced at a breakneck pace. Development of new tools halted almost entirely, for an individual with an appropriate Spark could do the job just as well. Necessity is the mother of invention, and invention was no longer believed to be necessary. Eden tinkered with the spiritual world, rather than the physical one, and worked miracles with it.

From their pursuit of spirits, they discovered that all living things had the same power - some inherent 'light' glowing within them. Regarding it as a divine gift, they sought to understand and utilize this 'light' - leading to the discovery of magic. Hundreds, or perhaps thousands of years later, other civilizations sprung up in the world, but Eden remained isolated and relatively peaceful - stagnant in technology but strong in spirit.

Those who had Awakened their Sparks were regarded as closer to the gods, and known as the Angels of Eden - guiding it with power and supposed wisdom. This core of elites - known as the Council of Heaven - formed the core of the government, but also led scientific pursuits regarding magic and the soul. Over time, this proved to be their greatest strength - and their greatest weakness.

The pursuit for knowledge was so vast that the less ethically-inclined of the Angels turned to experimenting on living creatures - for the first decades, it was restricted to plantlife and simple animals, but eventually human trials were conducted - first in secret, then in public. Many of the effects of these experiments can be seen even today - milennia later, in the form of misshapen beasts and monsters hidden within the untamed wilds. This pursuit, however horrific, led to an incredible understanding of the soul and the nature of existence.

The ultimate achievement of Eden, both from their perspective and that of modern historians, is their attempt at 'perfecting' people - to make an eternal soul, reaching for Heaven and the divine and transcending the physical world. There were many attempts - and several of them succeeded, now known as the Archangels of Eden.

Not much is known about what happened next - the civilization of Eden seemingly vanished overnight, with no evidence to suggest any disaster or war as the cause. Shortly after the Archangels emerged, they were simply all that was left. They are known throughout history, shaping the world whether directly or indirectly, and often regarded as the focus of worship.

Ultimately, however, the world progressed regardless - slowly, but inevitably approaching the modern era. Countless civilizations, more advanced in both the arcane and technology than Eden arose - and all of known history followed. Cities were built, nations were founded, wars were fought and mankind carved a bloody, wartorn path throughout history towards the modern era.

Now, humanity is considered the master of the physical world - with incredible scientific and technological achievements and a great understanding of natural magics. However, the secrets of the soul that Eden uncovered were lost, seemingly forever - people could still Awaken, bringing their Sparks to bear. They could still be studied in great detail, but Eden's secrets remain hidden.

The world, recently, has gone through difficult times - truly brutal wars with millions dead, the oceans and atmosphere polluted, people oppressed on a level never seen before and more. However, it is improving. Manual labor is slowly vanishing with the rise of automation. Knowledge and information is shared across the globe through a satellite network - though space exploration itself is somewhat lacking. Green alternatives, such as solar or nuclear power are replacing fossil fuels. Fusion technology is starting to emerge, and several governments and corporations are believed to be near the invention of self-aware machines. Magic has found its usage in enhancing technology at every stage - from factories to home computing - as well as in direct uses, for spellcasting has always been available since Eden's mysterious beginnings and end.

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