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Black Desert has a bored attitude, constantly seeking new information and new ways of amusement. The main reason to this is Red Fury's genetic trait of curiosity and self-improvement. As for other emotions, they are barely visible and lack energy. However, Black Desert is skilled in manipulation and can easily mimic any behavior, making him less predictable. He is not the best when it comes to teamwork, as he works only when it has a benefit to him and he has no emotions whatsoever, even if it is a sacrifice of his comrades or a genocide.



On an unknown day, Red Fury was bored. He decided to make a weaker version of himself by using his own body. By using his scientific knowledge and his energy, he created Black Desert, naming him that after his favorite ice cream. Red decided to alter his DNA in order to make him an unique individual. After thinking about where to send his creation, Red ultimately decided for a universe he visited once. Now Desert habits within the universe, seeking knowledge and killing boredom.


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Even though Black exists very briefly, he's learned most of the combat skills that exist within martial arts and basic combat skills. Also, he's got an incredible knowledge of planets and biology. He also knows how to cook and has a deep understanding of psychlogy.

Special Abilities

Unlike Red, Black Desert doesn't have an nigh infinite intelligence, however, he has apsolute memory of everying that has ever happened to him, making him able to learn almost everything there is. He's possessing the "red eye" that can absorb mass, however it is limited in mass absorption to approximately his own mass.


Black Desert doesn't know any techniques except for mass absorption, but he is a fast learner. For now he is relying on his physical strength.

Special Abilities

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